Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well, I have had a constant cough for a long time and I am making an appt with the Dr on Tuesday and in the meantime I suck on sugar free Life Savers. I sure wish they had rolls of them in the same flavors. I don't like pineapple and it seems that is the one they put in the most.

I am sure this is from my high blood pressure meds as I ran out of my pills for over a week and I was not coughing towards the end and it started a few days after I started again. UGH!

I just want to thank my great niece Emily for getting me started on this. All I have to do is remember to write each day.

I am not going anywhere this long weekend but then since I retired every day is a weekend! (G)

I have been reading and reading and reading... Yeah, as I didn't for the first two years I have been here in FL. I now realize how much I have missed it. I am also decluttering and my PILE is 3/4 done! I can then start on the cartons here and in storage and also mail out all the things I have promised people. As you can see I am a major procrastinator!